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International Students

Westminster Christian School desires to provide international high school students with an environment that inspires students in a grace-filled learning community to discover God and His creation, develop their unique gifts and abilities, and display Christ confidently in their lives.  In this, we also see great value in learning and engaging in education from a multi-cultural perspective, both to the international students as well as in our immediate school community.  This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

Since first hosting international students in 2005, Westminster Christian School has hosted international students from different countries, including:

  • Korea
  • Spain
  • Ghana
  • Vietnam
  • Peru
  • Russia
  • Mongolia

Westminster Christian School
International Student Application Process

1.    Submit required documents for application.  All forms are to be submitted in English or with an English translation. 

2.    Upon receipt of the application fee and completed application packet, the application will be reviewed and the applicant's family will be notified of the next steps or an admissions decision.

3.    Students who are admitted and issued an I-20 will need to pay their I-901 fee (http://www.fmjfee.com- please make sure to print your receipt), apply for and obtain an F1 visa from the U.S. Embassy in their home country, and arrive in the United States at least 10 days before classes begin to be available for placement testing and scheduling of the academic year.

4.   If you have any questions about the international student admissions process, please contact Mrs. Beth Lindberg, Director of Admissions (international@westminsterchristian.org).

International Student Tuition

International Student Tuition includes: tuition, books, host family fees (room & board), and student services.

Specific financial information is available through your representing agent.  If you do not have a representing agent, please contact Mrs. Beth Lindberg, Director of Admissions (international@westminsterchristian.org) for more information.