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The vision of Westminster Christian School is to equip and educate a generation of Christian disciples where every mind is grounded, every heart is connected and every hand is serving for the glory of God.

A Westminster Graduate

Westminster Christian School students are being equipped to enter college and a career as Christ-Followers, Servant-Leaders, and Culture-Influencers.

A Christ-Follower commits his/her life to Jesus Christ. Time, talent, and treasures are used for God’s glory and grace-filled activity in the lives of others. Strengthened by faith, rooted in the gospel of grace, God’s Word, and a Christ-honoring church, a Christ-follower seeks first the Kingdom of God and a humble reliance upon God in all that is said and done.

A Servant-Leader loves God and loves others before considering their own self-interests. He/she is sought out as a consistent, humble, and generous believer strong in the faith. With courage, conviction, and character, each servant-leader steps forward to provide vision and inspiration to those in his/her circle of influence. With grace, compassion, and justice, our graduates seek out those in need.

A Culture-Influencer relies upon God’s grace and strength to impact the world around him/her. Seeking to bring God’s grace and redemptive power to bear on all things, a culture-influencer engages all people wisely, knowledgeably, and persuasively. With a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence in all things, our graduates demonstrate resourcefulness, discernment, and creativity to be “salt and light” in the world.