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At Westminster Christian School, we have created a kindergarten program that encourages young learners at every level. We believe that within a loving and caring environment children will learn and grow because they are being nurtured and feel safe to explore and experience new things.

We desire to work along-side each of our families making them feel welcome and connected to the Westminster family. Parents are encouraged to participate in classroom activities and are invited to visit at any time. We consider you to be our partners as we work together throughout the year.

Small class sizes allow us to individualize our instruction and challenge each child according to their abilities. We give a Developmental Reading Assessment early in the year to allow each child to begin reading on a level that is just right for them. We also use a variety of learning experiences in all subject areas to meet the needs of each child.

We intentionally provide a balance between academic, social, and physical opportunities each day.  Our kindergarteners benefit from having each of these essential dimensions as part of their daily routine. They enjoy learning and have fun. Every child knows that they can succeed and learn and can help others to succeed and learn.

Westminster Christian School offers both half-day and full-day kindergarten programs.

Grades 1 – 5

Students in the elementary program at Westminster Christian School are educated in an environment that is caring and nurturing and gives them the opportunity to absorb all that life has to offer.  Childlike faith and enthusiasm for education is channeled in an environment that allows students to excel and become exactly who God has made them to be.

Every day our students are learning and preparing for the future and Westminster Christian School provides our elementary students with the strong foundation on which to build.  In addition to core academics such as math, reading, spelling, writing, science and social studies, students are instructed in Bible, physical education, music, and art.

As students learn and grow, their giftedness is demonstrated in different ways.  Our elementary program provides the opportunity to challenge learners who show giftedness in the areas of math and reading.  Our Challenge Math program allows students to work one full grade level ahead of their actual placement.  The Guided Reading program allows students to be instructed in small groups using text that is at their specific instructional reading level.  This program also allows for specific support and guidance for those students who struggle with reading.  Our Resource Services program designs special services that provide enrichment and remediation tailored to the unique needs of each child.  These services include, but are not limited to, the following:  additional instruction in specific subjects, phonemic awareness activities, individual practice and review with supervision, classroom observation and support, testing administration, and study skills instruction.