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National Honor Society

Westminster Chapter of the National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a nationwide organization dedicated to strong academics, character, leadership, and service. The mission of the Westminster Christian School chapter of NHS is to recognize and encourage academic excellence and develop student leaders who are catalysts for a cause. While membership in the NHS is a great way to recognize academic achievement, it is our mission to pair this activity with a commitment and desire for students to serve others. When we say that we desire to develop students who are a catalyst for a cause, we are saying that we want to develop student leaders who care so deeply about their service to others that it becomes contagious in their school, their community, and even in the organization they are serving in. We desire that when students move on from their time serving, the organizations they have served are stronger, better, and more connected to the Westminster community.

We understand that the vision of this level of commitment may seem great, but we believe with our whole hearts that God has given students gifts and abilities that they may use to serve him. In this, we hold that our students are as capable as any other member of society to be a catalyst for a cause, and we seek to foster an environment in which students are able to both reach and exceed this potential.

For more information about eligibility, the application process, or maintaining membership, please see the attached documents below: