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Middle School

Students in the middle school program at Westminster Christian School are educated in an environment that disciples through Christ-centered relationships with teachers, administration and extra-curricular leaders. Biblical truth is the singular lens through which we evaluate and analyze all knowledge. A high quality academic education is offered in a context that challenges students to do all things as unto the Lord.

Westminster Christian School provides a strong foundation in Biblical training. In addition to core academics such as Bible, math, language arts, science and social studies, students in middle school are offered opportunities in physical education, health, fine arts and athletics.

At Westminster Christian School, educational excellence is defined as a high quality academic offering; presented in a differentiated classroom; providing instructional support where necessary; and offering challenge math and leveled reading. In this context, all students are taught that growth in their individual areas of giftedness and interest are means to glorify God. The Westminster faculty is strongly committed to the integration of Biblical Principles into all areas of life and learning, and our curriculum is rigorously viewed through a Biblical lens.