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Home School Partnership Program

Westminster Christian School believes in parental partnership in education and is pleased to partner with homeschool families. The Westminster Homeschooling Partnership Program seeks to serve both the needs of the homeschool family and our institutional and accreditation standards. We encourage homeschooling families to consider a variety of outstanding classes from the Westminster Christian School course catalogue as they create an educational experience that meets individual student needs.

Homeschool Partnership Policy for 2017-2018

  1. The homeschooling family will be expected to provide an education mandated by the Illinois Department of Education for all courses studied at home. Partnership Students will be expected to complete all prerequisite course work before entering academic classes at Westminster Christian School and may be asked to sit for placement exams for appropriate class selection.
  1. Homeschool partners must have their student’s home school courses approved by Westminster prior to the start of each school year to ensure that students are progressing properly towards high school graduation requirements should they decide to enroll full-time at Westminster in the future. This also ensures that Westminster is in compliance with the Illinois High School Association’s (IHSA) requirements.
  1. Similarly, the tuition and fee structure noted below applies to all Partnership Students and ensures compliance with IHSA requirements as well as encouraging students to engage more fully in the life and activities of the school:
  • The student must pay tuition and all applicable fees to Westminster Christian School.
  • The student must pay a minimum of 2.5 credits worth of tuition per semester according to the IHSA; Westminster will allow a student to be enrolled in up to 3 classes at this tuition rate (see #10 for tuition rate).
  • Students desiring more than 3 classes will need to enroll and attend Westminster as a full-time student.
  • The student may not receive or be offered any special inducement of any kind that is not made available to all applicants who enroll in or apply to Westminster Christian School.
  • The student may not be offered or accept money or other valuable consideration such as free or reduced tuition by anyone connected with the school.
  1. Class selection is contingent on availability of courses based on class size.Preference is given to full-time students. Families with students enrolling in high school courses will be expected to meet with the guidance counselor to create a schedule.
  1. The student will be expected to enroll in a continuous block of classes. For example, if a student wished to enroll in courses offered 2nd and 4th periods, he or she would be expected to enroll in a 3rd period class or study hall rather than leave campus and return. Study halls are offered at no charge as long as the maximum enrollment has not been met.
  1. Partnership Students will be expected to maintain passing grades in all courses taken at Westminster.
  1. Partnership Students are permitted and encouraged to participate in school activities. While not required, they are encouraged to attend weekly chapel.
  1. Partnership Students are responsible to abide by all standards and requirements including conduct, dress, and attendance as contained in the Student Handbook and the Lifestyle Commitment Form.
  1. Partnership Students are not candidates for a Westminster Christian School diploma or eligible for commencement, but may participate in other senior activities. Only students who attend Westminster full-time for both semesters during senior year will be issued a diploma from Westminster Christian School.
  1. The fee structure for participating Partnership Students includes the following:
  • Tuition: $3,955 per semester minimum; part-time students may take up to 3 classes at this tuition rate.
  • $250 application fee due with application
  • Mandatory textbook fees and class supplies (varies by class)
  • Interim class fee(s), if applicable
  • All tuition and fees must be paid in full prior to any participation (curricular and co-curricular).
  1. Financial assistance is not available in the homeschool partnership program.

We hope you choose to join the Westminster Christian School community. It would be our joy to partner with you and complement the education you are providing for your student. Thank you for giving prayerful consideration of our school.


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