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Choir & Music

High School Choir provides students the unique opportunity to learn music hands-on, alongside their peers; exploring and experiencing history and variety of choral music. Students develop their sense of pitch, harmony, tone, and dynamic values through listening techniques, vocal warm-ups, and challenging choral repertoire.

Throughout the school year students are given the opportunities to perform for the school and community at large. This opportunity to perform not only gives students the experience of being part of a professional production, but also encourages them to work deliberately with their peers to create a work of art that is greater than any one student could complete simply on his or her own efforts.


Come dressed in your best Christmas apparel for our Christmas themed “Pack the Place” as the Warrior basketball teams face the IMSA Titans on December 15. The afternoon starts with the boys JV game at 4:30 p.m. followed by the...

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