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The primary objective of Westminster Christian School’s interscholastic sports program is to glorify God through the use of His gifts.

Westminster Philosophy & Athletic Code

Athletic Philosophy

Westminster Christian School provides its fifth-grade through twelfth-grade students with the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular, interscholastic sports. It should be understood by all participants and parents that the curricular program takes priority over the extra-curricular interscholastic sports program. Items related to this understanding are addressed in the Athletic Code provided to and signed by participants and parents.

The objectives of the extra-curricular, interscholastic sports program include the following:

  1. To glorify God through the use of His gifts to us.
  2. To provide a Christian environment for players to develop their athletic talents.
  3. To instill in the players an attitude about sportsmanship and respect to players, coaches, fans, and officials that is consistent with Biblical values.
  4. To provide all fifth and sixth grade players with the opportunity to play minutes that will impact the game. All players will play equal minutes. Priorities at this level are to encourage participation and to build individual and team skills.
  5. To develop in seventh grade through senior students competitive individual and team  skills and strategies, as well as an understanding of different roles in team make-up. Playing time is no longer a guarantee. Priorities are to develop the most competitive interscholastic team possible. Efforts to improve individual and team skills, and to enhance a player’s understanding of his/her value to the team regardless of the amount of game action, will be emphasized during team practice sessions.
  6. To provide a Christ-like witness to players and spectators as we compete against other teams.

Athletic Code

As a student at Westminster Christian School who has been given the privilege of participating in extra-curricular athletics, I understand that with this privilege come the following responsibilities. I will do my best to fulfill these responsibilities and to accept the consequences if I do not.

  1. As an athlete, I am a leader. I will use this leadership role to honor God and to represent my school in an exemplary manner.
  2. In all aspects of athletics, I will seek to put others first.
  3. I will use the gifts that God has given me to the fullest, whether I am in practice or in a game.
  4. In my actions, my speech, and my dress, I will seek to build up, not only those on my team, but also those I compete against.
  5. I will show respect to all coaches, referees, and fans that I come in contact with.
  6. I will do my best to attend every practice as well as every game and will inform the coach ahead of time if something arises and attendance is not possible.
  7. I realize that my curricular efforts come before those that are extra-curricular and accept the following policy. My academic progress will be checked weekly. If I am receiving cumulative grades of two D’s or any E’s, I will follow the procedures outlined in the Athletic Code Consequences. In the event that I am placed on academic probation, I understand that I will be ineligible for participation in extra-curricular activities until I am removed from probation. (Information regarding academic probation can be found in student handbook, revised 8/08)
  8. If I use any illegal drugs, tobacco, or alcohol, I will be suspended from my team for a period of time concurrent with my disciplinary probation. (Information regarding disciplinary probation can be found in the Parent / Student Handbook, revised 8/08)  All W.C.S. students are expected to abstain from the use of any drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and may be expelled should they chose not to abstain.


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