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Why We Give

What do we treasure?

In Matthew 6 Jesus teaches that where our treasure is our hearts always follow. The teaching is clear – we always invest in what our hearts truly want or desire. At Westminster Christian School we desire to see God’s kingdom advanced, and our calling is to do this through education. Our greatest treasures are our students and teachers.

Specifically, our calling is to prepare our students today to be strong, innovative leaders of tomorrow – leaders who pursue excellence with an eternal perspective in mind, leaders who are Christ followers and culture influencers. We are regularly reminded of the enormity of this challenge, and the many resources required today to educate students. Yet the challenge is also incredibly rewarding as we witness God provide, time and again, through His people.

What, or how much, should we give?

God’s Word also teaches that we are to be generous with the resources with which He has entrusted to us. That includes our time, talents, and treasure. He doesn’t say if we have an abundance of resources, or just a few, He just says to be generous. In that sense, sacrificial giving is always an exercise in faith. We each give of what the Father has entrusted to us, to where or whom the Father calls us to give, and trust Him to bless each gift to accomplish the work to which He is calling.

We may have to sacrifice some things along the way to be able to give to that kingdom cause, but there is great joy that comes with giving to those things that have eternity written within them. Generosity is also inspiring. Other givers are inspired to give, and recipients are inspired in their work. At Westminster, we are inspired to strive for excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts.

God’s provision for Westminster Christian School

As faithful investments are made in the lives of our students and teachers we believe God will faithfully provide for the needs of Westminster today, and His vision and plan for our future. Through the years, and through the eternal investments of many friends and partners, Westminster has been able to open the doors of a Christ-centered education for many. These gifts have also enabled us to enhance the programs that an education like Westminster’s offers.

Our salvation is by grace alone, not through good works or how much we give. It does flow, however, that hearts that have truly been changed by His gospel of grace will want to give generously to share this message that advances His kingdom.

What kingdom work is God calling you to? We invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with us in this important kingdom work to which we have been called. Join with us to teach the next generation, and in so doing, raise high the banner of Christ.


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