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Spiritual Life

Teachers consider the spiritual growth of their students as a top priority. As followers of Christ, our teachers build each lesson and relationship on the truth of Scripture. In partnership with parents and churches, Westminster Christian School prayerfully and lovingly guides young lives to grow in faith and understanding. Within every activity students encounter the beauty, wonder, and grace of Jesus. Each student is led to respond and act upon the implications of being in relationship with a living and glorious Savior.


Chapel forms an integral part of the Westminster Christian School experience. As a Christian community, we meet together on a weekly basis for worship. The high school level meets on Wednesday mornings for 40 minutes. Chapels are led by a variety of guest speakers including, but not limited to, staff members, local youth pastors, parents, and local-area senior pastors. Typically, chapels center around relevant topics in students lives while integrating a passage from the Bible. Chapel is also a time of singing and prayer led by students who are uniquely gifted in the area of worship leadership. Everyone is invited to be a part of the chapel experience.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach is an extracurricular student organization encouraging and equipping students to use their time, talents and resources to glorify God and be a blessing to others in our school community, our city, and our world. Students plan and take part in ministries on campus as well as have the opportunity to oversee and develop off-campus mercy projects. Below are descriptions of past Community Outreach ministry opportunities:

  • Community Outreach has partnered with Crossroads Kids Club in an after school Bible club in the U-46 school district.
  • Community Outreach has volunteered for the Ride for Refuge to raise funds that provide support for displaced and vulnerable people worldwide.
  • Community Outreach once a month serves breakfast before school to some of the less fortunate in our downtown area, many of which are homeless.
  • Leading up to the colder months, we lead a warm clothing drive to meet the many needs of the people who are without.
  • Community Outreach makes a yearly trip to Feed My Starving Children to package food to send to children and families in underdeveloped countries all over the world.
  • Community Outreach partners with an early childhood school (Illinois Park School) that serves preschool and kindergarten children, some of which are “at risk” and special needs students.
  • At Christmas we take each child at Illinois Park School a wrapped present of books donated by Kohl’s department store.
  • We visit Illinois Park School again in the spring to have a Fun Fair for their students. Community Outreach raises money to provide a moon jump and a fun snack for the day for 500 students. The high school students run game stations and play with the children.
  • We plan canned food drives that assist in replenishing the shelves at the Illinois Food Bank.

Homeroom Program

Homerooms build a uniquely strong student/teacher relationship as faculty provide support, care, and accountability to students outside of the classroom experience on a daily basis.

The mission of the homeroom advocacy program is to help students grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially by fostering individual, as well as community, growth. The goal of the program is to help strengthen both student-teacher and student-student relationships, promote spiritual growth, help students utilize school resources, provide each student with an adult advocate, monitor students’ academic progress, and foster communication between the school and home.


The relationship between the student and the teacher, coach, or administrator is a critical factor in learning. The faculty and staff set an example for the student and equip students to put knowledge into action from a Christian perspective.

Westminster believes that the power of the gospel is to be lived out through authentic relationships. Authentic relationships are those that are rooted in what we are in Christ (justified), rather that in what we do (self-righteous). True Christian living results from an authentic relationship with God through Jesus Christ and proceeds from the heart.

Discipleship at Westminster Christian School is a comprehensive goal. There is no aspect of school life that is not impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Discipleship is the act of leading others in what it means to be a follower of Christ. As students build meaningful relationships, learn through relevant lessons, train diligently, embrace the Gospel, serve selflessly, compete intensely, and perform passionately, they are being led by a faculty and staff that seizes every moment to help students grow in grace, love God, and love others for His glory.